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 [BattleField 2 ] Cheat Code's Versi 2

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Level 2
Level 2

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PostSubyek: [BattleField 2 ] Cheat Code's Versi 2   Thu Dec 30 2010, 04:15

# Unlockable weapons

Anti-Tank's DAO-12

Type: Full Auto
Damage: High (can shoot through protective glass on vehicles)
Accuracy: Low
Best Range: Near
Clip Size: 12
Reload: Very Slow
Reload Type: Per Bullet
This is probably the weapon that is least unlocked. This weapon should only be unlocked if you like to use Anti-Tank at close range. Its very powerful, but the reload time makes it very difficult to use. Recommended for commando types who like to destroy vehicles and eradicate the remaining survivors from close range.

Assault's G3

Type: Full Auto / Single Shot
Damage: High
Accuracy: High
Best Range: Medium/Near
Clip Size: 30's
Reload: Medium
Reload Type: Clip
This weapon is the best in the game. It is highly recommended if you like playing as Assault. Great for anyone who likes to capture flags and take on many enemies at once.

Engineer's Mk3A1

Type: Full Auto
Damage: High
Accuracy: Low
Best Range: Near
Clip Size: 7
Reload: Slow
Reload Type: Clip
This weapon is very good at close range and will easily protect from usually only one soldier at time. You should know how to use your pistol if there is more then one enemy against you. This weapon is great for those that like to stick together.

Medic's L85A1

Type: Full Auto / Single Shot
Damage: Medium
Accuracy: High
Best Range: Medium
Clip Size: 30's
Reload: Medium
Reload Type: Clip
This is probably the most unlocked weapon since its accuracy is exceptional and does great damage. It is great for the kill then to heal or revive a person.

Sniper's M95

Type: Bolt Action
Damage: Very High (can shoot through protective glass on vehicles)
Accuracy: High
Best Range: Long
Clip Size: 5
Reload: Slow
Reload Type: Clip
This weapon is recommended if you really like to snipe and can hit a target at long range. You must be very skilled at using your pistol for close range encounters. It can also shoot through bulletproof windows on some vehicles like helicopters.

Spec Ops' G36C

Type: Full Auto / Single Shot
Damage: Medium
Accuracy: High
Clip Size: 30's
Reload: Fast
Reload Type: Clip
This weapon does as much damage as an AK-74, has the accuracy of an M4, and the long range sight of the QBZ-97. It is recommended for Special Forces who like to destroy the enemy commander equipment.

Support's PKM

Type: Full Auto
Damage: High
Accuracy: Medium
Best Range: Medium
Clip Size: 100's
Reload: Slow
Reload Type: Clip
There is not much difference from this and the MEC's RPK-74 except that this weapon takes slightly longer to get heated up and has better long range sight. It is better then all support's weapons, but it ties with the MEC's RPK-74 which is for the support. This weapon is only recommended for those who like to play as support most of the times and that do not like to take on enemies from close.

# Basic badge requirements

To receive your badge you must play the entire round until it is over. Sometimes your new badge may require a few hours to arrive.

All Basic Combat Badges (Sniper, Assault, Medic, Engineer, Support, AntiArmor, SpecOps): To get these Badges you must get 10 kills in one round with any weapon (not in any vehicle or anything of any kind).

Basic Knife Combat Badge: Kill seven people with a knife in one round.

Basic Pistol Combat Badge: Kill nine people with a pistol in one round.

Basic Explosive Ordinance Badge: Kill ten people with C4 in one round.

Basic Command Badge: Win 50 points as a commander before the round ends.

Basic Engineer Badge: Get from 5 to 10 Repair Points On in one round. The only way to gain points from this is by repairing your Team's Commander Equipment (Artillery, UAV Trailer, Radar) or by repairing vehicles that you or someone on your team is in. Repairing a vehicle that no one is in will work some of the times depending on certain circumstances (time after last person left vehicle and if that person has died) and is not recommended if you want to get points for repair, since you might not get any points at all.

Basic First Aid Badge: Get near 10 Healing Points people with First Aid in one round. Throw your kit on the floor as it gets points much quicker. You cannot get points by healing yourself.

Basic Resupply Badge: Get 5 resupply points in one round. Throw your kit in the floor as it gets points much quicker. You cannot get points by resupplying yourself.

All Basic Vehicle Related Badges (Transport, Armor, Helicopter, Ground Defence, Air Defence, Aviator): You must be in one of these vehicles for 30 minutes. You must be the driver of the vehicle; ground defense and air defense are mounted on the ground.

# Ranks

Get the indicated number of global points to advance to the corresponding rank:

Private First Class: 500 global points
Lance Corporal: 1,000 global points

# Rename your soldier

To rename your soldier, which the game by default does not allow you to do, you must edit the "\Battlefield 2\Profiles\0001\Profile.con" file and change the first value, in the quotes, to whatever you wish your soldier's name to be. For example, change:

LocalProfile.setName "defaultPlayer"


LocalProfile.setName "[your new name]"

# Crop circle in Wetlands

There is a farm house and field in the center of the field in the Wetlands map. If you are in a plane or chopper you can see a crop circle there.

Credit : Aburame ( Nyari di mbah google )
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[BattleField 2 ] Cheat Code's Versi 2
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